Pre-Algebra and Integrated Math

Classroom Rules and Expectations



Instructor:  Doug Sharp

Quarter 2: 11/29 to 1/25


This year I am being asked to teach the Pre-Algebra and Integrated math classes.The list below, is how I feel each student can be successful in my class.


1.) Please be organized.Every day the student needs to come to class prepared with a pencil, their textbook, notebook, portfolio and paper for their assignments.

2.) There will be an assignment every day, except on a day when we are taking a chapter test.

3.) I will not accept late work, unless I feel it is necessary.

4.) All test can be corrected to gain extra points.Though, this must be done before we take the next chapter test.

5.) If the student is going to miss a day of school, I have an assignment record sheet that is updated a chapter in advance.So, if they want to stay on top of their work, they will need to get their assignments before they leave.

6.) I understand that math may be difficult for some.This just means that the student may need to come in for extra help.I canít help them if they donít come in.

7.) Also, please work hard, ask questions.And participate!


If you have any questions, please call me or send me an email.Thanks!