Algebra 1

    We do math every day.  If the student works hard during class, they should be able to finish in class most of the time.  That means that if they miss a day, they will have homework to make up.  We will also be having a quiz every day over the previous day's homework.  If you want to get a quick idea of how your student is doing, ask to see that day's quiz.

    Calculators are extremely useful and students are encouraged to use them in class.  If you're stuck for an idea for a present for your child,  keep a good calculator in mind.  A graphing calculator (such as the TI-84) will  come in handy.

                                    Copy of course outline                        Copy of class rules

Week of May 29 - June 1

Tues:  pg 521: 9 - 36 all

Wed:  quadratic formula quiz

Thurs:   chapter 6 review

Fri:   chapter 7 review

Week of June 4 - 6

Mon:  chapter 9 review

Tues/Wed: multiple-choice semester final covering chapters 6, 7, and 9

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