Richard Lallatin


A graduate of Eastern Oregon State College, (which tells you a little about how old he is) Mr. Lallatin, this year,  is teaching  Integrated Math,  Applied Algebra, and Algebra 1 this year.  Click on the class to find out about the week's assignments.

This week's extra credit Problem Of the Week.

P.O.W. #9

What number replaces the ?


Last week's answer:

Jack rides for 2 hours (12 miles), then walks the last 3 miles in 1.5 hours.

Jill walks 12 miles in 3 hours, then rides the last 3 in half an hour.

That's 3.5 hours each

updated  Mar 22, 2018

My email is:

My prep period goes from 10:00 am  until 10:50 am.  Feel free to call.  541-575-1799  ext 48

There is on-line homework tutoring available every day from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Go to and click on  Enter the library card # g7845.

This is a live tutor able to answer questions and offer suggestions.

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