Richard Lallatin


A graduate of Eastern Oregon State College, (which tells you a little about how old he is) Mr. Lallatin, this year,  is teaching Pre-Calculus/College AlgebraAlgebra 2, Applied Algebra, and Algebra 1 .  Click on the class to find out about the week's assignments.

This week's extra credit Problem Of the Week.

P.O.W. #4

A downstairs panel contains three on-off switches,

one of which controls the lamp in the attic.

But which one?

Your mission is to do something with the switches,

then determine, after only one trip to the attic,

which switch is connected to the attic lamp.


Last week's answer:

The highest answer, so far, is 31.  Unless you made your line so thick that it went through all of the numbers.

updated Sept 14, 2018

My email is:

My prep period goes from 11:00 am  until 12:00 pm.  Feel free to call.  541-575-1799  ext 48

There is on-line homework tutoring available every day from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Go to and click on  Enter the library card # g7845.

This is a live tutor able to answer questions and offer suggestions.

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