Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones was raised in Grant County and graduated from Mount Vernon High School. He then attended Eastern Oregon University and received a degree in mathematics. Mr. Jones now teaches Calculus, Algebra I, Intermediate Algebra, Physics and Computer Programming at Grant Union High School

Mr. Jones's Class

Mr. Jones's class is a really fun place to be, the students like Mr. Jones very well and his great sense of humor definitely makes math a more fun subject to study up on. Mr. Jones actively participates in activities such as Spirit Week at Grant Union, he dresses up almost every day of Spirit Week. We enjoy seeing what Mr. Jones can come up with for his crazy outfits.

Brain Teaser
Put a coin in a bottle and then stop the opening with a cork. How can you get the coin out of the bottle without pulling out the cork or breaking the bottle?

Colorful Crime - Brain Teaser
Read this story. Then figure out what color hat the bank robber was wearing. But remember one thing: one of the brothers always tells the truth, and the other always lies ? and we don't know which is which.

After a bank robbery, two guys ran out of the bank. One was wearing a red baseball cap. The other was wearing a blue baseball cap. The police didn't know which one was the criminal. Luckily, Jake saw the robbery and could tell the police what color hat the robber was wearing. Jake's brother Joe later told their sister, Jenny, what happened. "Jake said the robber was wearing a red hat," he said.