This website is all about food!

  • Purpose

    I am building this webpage for my computer A+ class. It is the first website I have made using coding!

    Last year I had this A+ class and we worked on computer programing. I had to build a website for that too but instead of coding we used google sites.

    On my other website I talk about all the different things I learned about computers. Also, there are videos where I take apart a computer and put it back together. However, this website will be slightly different!

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  • Why

    Why food, might you ask. The real question is why not food? Everyone eats it and as far as I can tell everyone loves it!

    I chose to do food because I know a lot about food! (who doesn't? You eat it everyday!) So, I am puting my favorite types of food and foods that I have never tryed that I would love to.

    And that my friends should answer your question of, why food?

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  • Chinese Food

    One can eat Chinese food out at a restaurant or you can make it home made!More »

  • Mexican Food

    Mexican food is really good too, although, I have never ate any other type except for Mexican/American food.More »

  • Pasta

    Don't even get me started on pasta! It is a magical food sent from the heavens!More »


These are cites of where I got my images that are shown on my home

I hope you enjoy my website!

This website should give you a few more ideas on what you could try eating if you haven't already tryed it before!

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