All Things Winter

Winter Facts

Days are shortest and nights are longest No two snow flakes are alike All snowflakes have six sides The record for snow angels is 15,851 Antartica set the record for coldest temp, -129 Ice is considered a mineral The tallest snowman was 113 ft tall Chionophobia is the fear of snow Hibernation is common in winter Average snowflakes fall at 3.1mph

Fun Things To Do This Winter!

Go ice skating Go sledding Have a movie marathon Ski on your wii Build a snowman Make a snowangel Build a snow fort Have a snowball fight Go on a winter hike Go ice fishing
Eat an icicle Drink hot chocolate Knit a scarf Donate blood Make a cinnamon ornament Start a new jigsaw puzzle Play some basketball Drink some hot cider Go snowtubing Make a snowflake
Catch snowflakes on your tongue Go to a museum Hug a friend Learn a card trick Join a book club Go christmas caroling Play ice hockey Make a friendship bracelet Go snowshoeing Plan a holiday party