The Four Seasons

Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer are all seasons that happen throughout the year and they all do different things. My webpage will tell you all about those things!

This website is my very first website to ever build. I started it using a free template that allowed to me learn how to do some of these crazy things.Since it is my webiste I am building, I decided to make it all about seasons because seasons are pretty awesome!

So ya, check it out!

  • Fall

    Is one of the four important seasons. This season marks the transition from summer into winter. One way to tell it is fall is when night comes earlier and the temperature gets colder.

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  • Winter

    Is the coldest season of the year. The season between autumn and spring.

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SUMMER is the warmest season of the year. Usually from June to August in the northern hemisphere. From December to February in the southern hemisphere.

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