Syllabus- Integrated Science- 7th Grade

Ms. Ferreira-Room 28

This class is an Integrated Science class. We will be focusing on Life and Physical Science, and a little bit of Earth Science.  This class will include individual and group activities or labs, independent reading and studies and group discussions. Participation in all of these activities will be important.

Students may earn up to 5 participation points each day.

1 point                  Brought materials and supplies to class. (pencils, paper, homework)

1 point                  Involved in class discussion and/or activities.

1 point                  On task.

2 points                Positive attitude and behavior.

If a student is absent they will not earn these points. If they have more than 3 absences in a quarter they may see me for a project to make up points if their grade is a C or below.

The text book for this class is Integrated Science-Course 2 and will be provided. Many other resources will be used and will be made available as needed.

Each student will have a notebook that will stay in the classroom, unless special permission is given by the teacher to take it home. It is EXTREMELY important that the student does not lose this notebook; as it will contain their work, data, and resources for the year. Parents may come in and look at it if they have any concerns or questions about their student’s work.

Assignments will be scored on a point basis, ranging from 5 to 100 points possible and all points will be averaged together. My grading scale will be:





Late work will be accepted as per the student handbook. Late assignments turned in with no absence will receive 55% and will not be accepted the last two weeks of the quarter. Late assignments turned in with no absence will receive 55% and will not be accepted the last two weeks of the quarter. Labs and activities will need to be made up on Fridays or a student may set up an appointment with me at another time I might be available. It is the student’s responsibility to get his or her missed assignment from me and any discussion notes from another student in class.

If there are any questions or concerns I may be contacted by email or phone. My prep period will be split between Grant Union and Humbolt from 12:30-1 and 3-3:45. I may be at either building. I will probably not receive any messages left on my phone at GU after noon. You may also call me before or after school.

Andrea Ferreira-

Grant Union Jr/Sr High School- 541-575-1799 x54

Humbolt Elementary- 541-575-0454 x112

Cell 541-620-4078