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  • 1st Period: Job Skills

  • 2nd Period: Weights - Weight Room

  • 3rd Period: English 8 - Mr. Lamson

  • 4th Period: Math - Room 6

  • 5th Period: English - Room 6

  • 6th Period: School Store/Prep - Room 6

  • 7th Period: Algebra 1 - Mr. Lallatin

  • About Me!

    I began working for Grant School District #3 in the Fall of 1998 at Humbolt Elementary School as a teacher's assistant. At Humbolt I worked as a regular classroom assistant in a first grade classroom. After 5 years I joined the Special Education Department and have remained there since. In 2008 I worked at Mt. Vernon  Middle School and then began working at Grant Union High School in 2009. The staff here at the High School are great and I am still doing what I enjoy most ... working with students!

    I am thankful I have the opportunity to work with our amazing kids and I appreciate the uniqueness of each and every one of them. I find my life is richer for those students with whom I come into contact each day.