Welcome to Grant Union

The staff at Grant Union Junior-Senior High School would like to welcome you to the home page of the Prospectors.

The staff at Grant Union Junior-Senior High School believes that the best educational opportunity for students exists when the home, the school and the community work together.

We believe that the educational program should stress the academic skills of reading, writing, communications, computing, and reasoning as well as the knowledge and experience needed for successful life preparation. The educational program should also include development of a good self-concept with respect and consideration for others. Young people should learn the wise use of time and resources; the reasoning skills required to solve problems and make decisions while allowing students to apply individual beliefs or values; and the technological skills needed to meet the demands of our changing world. These skills shall be taught in a way that develops and maintains a positive attitude, self-discipline, an inquiring mind, a love of learning and a healthy body.

We believe all students can learn and we are committed to accommodating individual differences and learning styles. With this commitment in mind, we at Grant Union Junior-Senior High School dedicate our resources to the development and maintenance of balanced programs which focus on the individual worth, dignity, and self-esteem of each student.

We hope that this site will be informative and a benefit to you.