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Current Events

American Legion representative, Art Pereira, presented Grant Union Jr/Sr High School
with new American and Oregon State Flags to be displayed in the main office.

  • December 5 - Senior Parent Grad night meeting.
  • December 12-15 - Students Dress up days.
  • December 14 - Band and Choir Concert.
  • December 16 - January 2 - Christmas Break.


Students of the Month for October!

12th Grade - Declan Jensen 9th Grade - Gage Brandon
11th Grade - Reagan Shelley 8th Grade - Abby Lusco
10th Grade - Aiden Bromeling 7th Grade - Paige Gerry


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Winter Sports

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Principal's Corner

Grant Union JR/SR High Students and Parents,

We here at GU believe that regular school attendance is a significant factor in student success. The state of Oregon defines regular attendance as attending 90% or more of all school days. Data from the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) indicates that for the 2016-17 school year, that 81% of Grant Union JR/SR High Students attended 90% or more of all school days. As a school, we know that this is a number to improve upon, and we are taking measures to do so. With an end objective of obtaining 90% or more, our goal for this year is achieve a minimum of 85% of our students at 90% or more of days.

GU parents we need your help in achieving this goal. As a parent, school attendance on a daily basis needs to be a priority. Obviously, we are aware that sicknesses and unavoidable appointments occur, yet at the same time we are mindful that daily attendance is important. Even a few days of absence can put your student behind. As a school, we will continue to maintain good communication with our families regarding student attendance, find opportunities to promote positive attendance, and recognize students with exceptional attendance. GU wants and needs our students here at school.

Thank you in advance for your support in assisting us with promoting regular school attendance!

Ryan Gerry