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  Grant Union Basketball     
Date            Opponent Place JVG/JVB/VG/VB Times
Dec. 4th    Burns (1,2,3,4) GU 3:00/4:30/6:00/7:30
Dec. 6th/7th  Lions Tournament (3,4) Elgin TBA
Dec. 6th/7th North Powder JV Tourn. (1,2) Away TBA
Dec. 11th Prairie City (1,2) Away 5:00/6:30
Dec.12th-14th Columbia River Clash (3,4) Umatilla TBA
Dec. 13th/14th Dayville Tournament (1,2) Away TBA
Dec. 19th  Burns (1,2,3,4)  Away 3:00/4:30/6:00/7:30
Dec. 20th/21st Willamina Tournament (4) Away TBA
Dec. 27th/28th   Walla Walla Tournament (3) Away TBA
Jan. 3rd Stanfield (1,2,3,4) Away 3:00/4:30/6:00/7:30
Jan. 4th Enterprise (1,2,3,4) GU 1:00/2:30/4:00/5:30
Jan. 8th Prairie City (1,2) GU 5:00/6:30
Jan. 10th Heppner (1,2,3,4) Away 3:00/4:30/6:00/7:30
Jan. 11th Union (1,2,3,4) Away 1:00/2:30/4:00/5:30
Jan.17th  Pilot Rock (1,2,3,4) Away 3:00/4:30/6:00/7:30
Jan. 18th  Weston-McEwen (1,2,3,4) GU 1:00/2:30/4:00/5:30 
Jan. 24th  Enterprise (1,2,3,4) Away 3:00/4:30/6:00/7:30
Jan. 25th   Bye      
Jan. 31st  Union (1,2,3,4) GU 3:00/4:30/6:00/7:30
Feb. 1st  Heppner (1,2,3,4) GU 1:00/2:30/4:00/5:30
Feb. 7th Pilot Rock (1,2,3,4) GU 3:00/4:30/6:00/7:30
Feb. 8th  Weston-McEwen (1,2,3,4) Away 1:00/2:30/4:00/5:30 
Feb. 14th Stanfield (1,2,3,4) GU 3:00/4:30/6:00/7:30
Feb. 15th    Make-up Date TBD  
Feb. 21st/22nd    Blue Mountain District Tournament Pendleton Convention Center TBA
Superintendent: Bret Uptmor JV Girls-1  
Principal: Ryan Gerry   JV Boys-2  
Athletic Director: Ryan Gerry Varsity Girls-3  
Girls Head Coach: Kristi Moore Varsity Boys-4  
Boys Head Coach: RC Huerta    
    Grant Union Jr. High Boys Basketball       
Date            Opponent Place Time Departure        
Nov 12th Prairie City Prairie City 4:30 3:30  
Nov. 14th Burns GU-Humbolt 4:00    
Nov. 19th Crane Crane 4:00 12:30  
Nov. 26th Baker GU-Humbolt 4:00    
Dec. 3rd Prairie City GU-Humbolt 4:30    
Dec. 5th Crane GU-Humbolt 4:00    
Dec. 7th Crane Tournament Crane 4:00 12:30  
Dec. 10th Burns Burns 4:00 1:30  
Dec. 17th Baker Baker City  4:00 1:00  
Dec. 19th Heppner GU-Humbolt 3:30    
Jan. 7th Prairie City Grant Union 4:30    
Jan. 10th Heppner Heppner 11:00 7:30 AM  
Superintendent: Bret Uptmor        
Principal: Ryan Gerry          
Athletic Director: Ryan Gerry        
Coach: Justin Larson          
    Grant Union

Jr. High Girls Basketball 

Date  Opponent Place Time   Departure      
Jan 10th Heppner Heppner 10:00 AM   6:30 AM
Jan. 15th  Prairie City GU-Humbolt 4:30 PM   NA
Jan. 21st Crane GU-Humbolt 4:00 PM   NA
Jan. 23rd Baker  Baker 4:00 PM   12:45 PM
Jan. 24th North Powder GU-Humbolt Cancelled   Cancelled
Jan. 30th Burns Burns 4:00 PM   1:30 PM
Jan. 31st Union Union 12:00   8:30 AM
Feb. 6th Baker GU-Humbolt 4:00 PM   NA
Feb. 7th Heppner GU-Humbolt 10:00 AM   NA
Feb. 13th Crane Crane 4:00 PM   12:30 PM
Feb. 19th Prairie City Prairie City 4:30 PM   3:30 PM
Feb. 20th Burns GU-Humbolt 4:00 PM   NA
Girls Coach: Doug Sharp          



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                                           Grant Union Dance    2019-2020
Date Opponent - Location Time Departure
Feb. 1st Canby 12:00 pm Fri-12:30 pm
Feb. 8th Stayton 1:00 pm Fri. 7th @ Noon
Feb. 22nd Sherwood 12:00 pm Fri. 21st @ 12:30 pm
Feb. 29th Pendleton 12:45 pm 8:00 am
March 7th Thurston 12:00 pm Fri. March 6th @ 12:30 pm
March  20th State Competition-Memorial Coliseum TBA Thurs. March 19th @ 11:00 am
Head Coach: Ashleigh Romero

Asst: Carli Bremner



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      Grant Union Wrestling       
Date   Team Match/Event            Place   Time
Dec. 7th      Both Enterprise Burns   10:00 am
Dec. 7th   JV Boys Baker Tournament Baker City   TBA
Dec. 13th /14th    Both Culver Tournament Culver   2:00 pm
Dec. 20th/21st    Boys Elgin Tournament Elgin   12:00 pm
Dec. 21st   Girls Liberty Tournament Liberty   12:00 pm
Jan. 4th    Both Riverside Tournament Riverside   10:00 am
Jan. 11th   Both Echo Tournament Echo   10:00 am
Jan. 17th/18th   Both Oregon Classic Redmond   TBA
Jan. 23rd   Boys Baker/Mac Hi Dual Baker   6:00 pm
Jan. 24th   Both Grant Union Tourn. GU   12:00 pm
Jan. 25th   Both Hood River Tourn. Hood River   TBA
Jan. 28th   Boys Crane/Burns Dual Crane   5:30 pm
Feb. 1st   Boys Heppner Tourn. Heppner   10:00 am
Feb. 7th/8th    Girls Girls Districts  Springfield   5:00 pm
Feb. 8th   Boys Pine Eagle Tourn. Halfway   10:00 am
Feb. 14th/15th   Both Special District 4 Union    Fri. 2-pm

Sat. 10 am

      District Tournament      
Feb. 28th/29th   Both State Tournament Portland   TBA
Superintendent: Bret Uptmor        
Principal: Ryan Gerry          
Athletic Director: Ryan Gerry          
Head Coach: Andy Lusco          
Assistants: Tye Parsons, Don Speakman        


      Grant Union Jr. High Wrestling       
Date               Match/Event Place   Time     
Jan. 11th Echo Tournament Echo   10:00 AM
Jan. 21st   Sunridge Tournament Pendleton   4:00 PM
Jan. 24th  Grant Union Tournament GU   12:00 PM
Jan. 28th Crane/Burns Dual Crane    5:30 PM
Jan. 29th LaGrande Tournament LaGrande   4:00 PM
Jan. 31st   Elgin Tournament Elgin   11:00 am
Feb. 6th   Culver Tournament Culver   4:00 pm
Feb. 7th   Pine Eagle Tournament Halfway   10:00 AM
Feb. 11th Sunridge Tournament Pendleton   4:00 PM
Mar. 6/7th Regionals Riverside   9:00 am
Mar. 14/15th Middle School State Woodburn   TBA
Coach: Don Speakman        


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