“Your Key to the Future”

Grant Union High School Preliminary Registration


Start Planning Now

Most people who are successful have started with a master plan and they have put the plan to work.  However, it is a rare plan that does not need some revision along the way.

Your high school education doesn’t just happen by coming to school every day.  If it is to be of greatest value to you, it needs to be planned by you, for you.  Your plan needs to consider your abilities, interests and goals, among other things.  You will also need to develop a broad view of the world’s work, a skillful analysis of a vocation, and a detailed analysis of yourself.  Activities through the Counseling Office and your classes will help you with these tasks.  The school staff will help supply facts and information as you develop this plan.  You will have scheduled and unscheduled opportunities throughout high school to undertake any revisions.

As you start the 9th grade, you should make a four-year plan.  Each year this plan should be revised in light of new or additional information.


The Student’s Responsibility

¨      Consider your interests and abilities

¨      Consider several vocational areas

¨      Plan a high school program that will include all the required and recommended courses for your career goals

¨      Confer with your parents and high school counselor to insure that an adequate high school program is planned


The School’s Responsibility

¨      Offers courses that meet the college entrance requirements

¨      Offers courses which provide entry level skills in selected vocational areas

Mark Witty, Principal

Grant Union High School

Introductory Material

Registration Forms

Course Descriptions

Shaping the Future

Registration Process

1.        Using the internet, go to the G.U.H.S. home page and click on the PASS system.

2.        Enter your ID. And Pin number (The High School office can provide you with your number) and select Schedule/Progress. Near the bottom click on Enter Course Requests.

3.        Select your 7 course requests and 2 alternatives. Select full year as your term preference for all of your term preferences (click the COURSES BY YEAR and the COURSE SEQUENCE buttons if you want to see what classes are required or suggested for each year).

4.        After your selections are completed, please click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom.



Graduation Requirements


A student must earn a minimum of 25 credits by completion of high school.  A credit is earned for each one year course meeting for one class period that is completed with a passing grade.


The following courses must be included in these credits:

English—4 credits

Social Studies—4 credits (Global Studies, US History or  Advance US History, Economics (Senior Project) and Citizenship)

Science—3 credits         Mathematics—4 credits*

Health—1 credit                   PE—1 credit

Computer Applications I—1 credit

Arts, Second Language, Professional Technical Ed.-3 credits

ELECTIVES—4 credits


*Denoted requirements may be waived if, in the judgment of the school principal, circumstances warrant such action.


NOTE:  Transfer students are accepted on the basis of the requirements of the school from which they came and are expected to meet the requirements of this school thereafter.




Basic High School Core Classes


Admission to a college is generally selective and on a competitive basis to meet enrollment quotas.  The following factors are weighed carefully in determining each candidate’s qualification for admission:  high school achievement, measured academic aptitude, effective participation in extracurricular activities, travel, community service, initiative and responsibility as well as other academic experiences that might reflect personal maturity.  Evidence of constructive contributions to home, school and community life are also taken into consideration.


Sound preparation in written English is essential for academic success.  While a set pattern of high school courses is not required, the seriousness of preparation for college students may well be judged by the courses chosen as well as grades received.  Careful assessment is made of the courses taken.


Based on Grant Union High School requirements and general college requirements, we recommend the following program:


Four years of English

¨        English I/ English IA

¨        English II/English IIA

¨        English III/English IIIA

¨        Survey of Literature/English IVA


Four years of Mathematics

¨        Algebra I and II

¨        Geometry

¨        Pre-Calculus, Calculus


Three years of Science

¨        Biology

¨        Chemistry

¨        Physics


Four years of Social Studies

¨        Global Studies

¨        US History/Advanced Placement US History

¨        Citizenship

¨        Economics


Two years of a Foreign Language

One year of Computer Applications


Related Classes:  Any special classes in your field of interest.


How Best to Earn Scholarships

1.        Become a  well-rounded student.  Be as actively involved in academic, extracurricular and service-oriented activities as possible.

2.        Beginning your freshman year, keep a log or resume’ of all your awards and activities.

3.        Prepare a one page essay which outlines your educational and career goals.




High achieving students may want to consider pursuing our Honors Diploma.  The Honors program can be very influential with college admissions and scholarship committees.  Sophomores and incoming freshmen interested in this option should meet with the counselor.


Grant Union High School Honors Diploma Honors list:


Language Arts:  English IA, IIA, IIIA and IVA


Social Studies:   Advance United States History


Mathematics:  Geometry A, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus and Calculus


Science:  Physical Science A, General Biology , Advance Biology, Physics, General Chemistry and Advance Chemistry


Foreign Language:  Spanish I, II, III


Fine Arts:  Choir 3 or 4 years, Band 3 or 4  years, Advanced Art


Industrial/Technical/Vocational:  Advanced CADD, GIS, Ag. III , Ag. IV, Ag. Construction, Advanced Computer Programming, Accounting II and III, Office Procedures, Child Care II, Work Study approved by the counselor and sponsored by a person on staff, *Advanced Physical Education, *Weights and Conditioning.


*Additional coursework required above the normal expectation, which will be determined by instructor.



Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or above

Must take 9 courses from the honors list

One extra-curricular activity

Must take at least 1 course from 4 of the 7 groups

The Valedictorian/Salutatorian must be Honor Grads


Transfer Students

The MDT committee will review transfer students to determine eligibility.


Awarding the Honors Diploma

Signified on Diploma and Transcript

Noted on Graduation Program


Language Arts



Required: one year

Prerequisite IA: Teacher recommendation + summer reading list

Grade:  9

English I is the basic course in Language Arts curriculum.  This course includes reading instruction specifically comprehension, vocabulary, inference, evaluation, and literary elements.  In writing, the course focuses on organizational patterns and spelling. Literature covers various genres including:  historical fiction, short story, poetry, and drama.  Informative and impromptu speeches are also covered.




Required: one year

Prerequisite: Eng. IA +Teacher recommendation + summer reading

Grade:  10

This course is designed to instruct the student in the basics of composition, speech and literature. Composition will focus on grammar, vocabulary and spelling as well as sentence, paragraph and essay construction of materials and informative and persuasive techniques. Literature will cover all types including poetry, short story, novel and drama with emphasis on comprehension.


309 ENGLISH IIIA (students may earn college credit)

Required: one year

Prerequisite: Eng. IIA + Teacher recommendation + summer reading

Grade:  11

Stresses writing skills and American literature as an advancement of skills developed as an underclassman. Writing emphasis will be on the sentence, paragraph, grammar, punctuation, spelling capitalization, organizational patterns, the essay, and some creative writing. Literature development is placed upon the historical development, literary themes, major authors and school of American thought.


Elective one year

Prerequisite: Consent

Grade:  12

Various types of literature will be studied in this course such as the novel, short story, poetry and drama. Emphasis will be on analysis of selections from each genre. Most analysis will be through written essays.


Elective one year

Prerequisite: Consent of teacher + summer reading list

Grade:  12

This course is a transitional course form high school English to college English. Literary selections will include representative samples from all literary periods and genre. Emphasis is on critical writing and thinking skills that will prepare the student for college classes. Those students wishing to take the Advanced Placement Literature and Composition Exam may enroll in the Advanced Placement section to prepare for the exam. This will require some study outside the classroom. College credit available.

319  DRAMA

Elective two semesters

Grades:  10, 11, 12

A class that will prepare plays for performance. Speeches, dramatic readings and presentations will be required.  Students interested in drama are encouraged to participate.  Teacher recommendation needed.  Daily participation is required.


550 BAND

Elective one year

Prerequisite: Consent

Grade:  9, 10, 11, 12

A student in this course will study various periods and styles of instrumental music. Performance functions include public concerts, pep band for games, and performance in special events in the community. Active participation in these functions is required and is considered to be an important part of the grading process. Special attention will be given to reading musical notation, proper instrument technique, music theory intonation balance, blend and interpretation.  College credit is available.


Elective one year

Prerequisite: Consent

Grade:  9, 10, 11, 12

A student in this course will study, through performance, various periods in vocal music. Special attention will be given to the following areas of music: proper vocal production, proper word pronunciation, intonation, balance, blend and reading musical notation, Music History and Theory. Concerts and participation are a graded part of this course.  College credit is available.

Family/Consumer Studies

675 FACS I

Elective one year

Prerequisite: None

Grades:  9, 10, 11, 12

This course will stress development of basic skills in the major areas of Home Economics: cooking, sewing, child care, relationships and living environments. Fee $7.50/semester—students are required to purchase materials for projects.


Elective one year

Prerequisite: None

Grades:  9, 10, 11, 12

Students will study human development through the life cycle, develop baby sitting skills, plan and implement activities for children, develop an understanding of the importance of education for parenthood and the rewards, challenges and responsibilities involved in caring for children. Some on-site activities at childcare centers will take place during the year.



Elective one year

Prerequisite: Child Development I

Grades:  10, 11, 12

Students will study child development with greater depth and have extended out-of-class experiences.



Elective one year

Prerequisite: Consent

Grades:  10, 11, 12

This course will provide more in-depth instruction into the basic areas of home economics. Units of study will stress development of basic skills in the major areas: food preparation, clothing, child care, relationships, living environments,  and personal  finance.  Fee $7.50/semester—students are required to purchase materials for projects.   .



Elective 1 year

Prerequisite: None

Grades:  9, 10, 11, 12

First semester this course is designed to introduce the student to a variety of basic fundamentals of art. Areas of study may include: basic drawing, design, painting, lettering, color, etc. A $7.50 fee will be required to cover the cost of materials needed for projects in clas

Second semester this course is designed to develop craft skills in projects such as: clay, macramé, metal tooling, leather, printing, decoupage, batik, jewelry, candle making, weaving, etc. A $7.50 fee will be required to cover the cost of materials needed for projects in class.


Elective 1 year

Prerequisite: Art/Crafts I

Grades:  10, 11, 12

First semester this course is designed to further develop the student’s skills and abilities acquired in Art I. The student will be given an opportunity to explore a wider range of drawing, design, color and painting skills. A $7.50 fee will be required to cover the cost of materials needed for projects in class.

Second semester this course is deigned to take the projects learned in Crafts I and show how they may be developed into more complex and sophisticated projects. A $7.50 fee will be required to cover the cost of materials needed for projects in class.


Elective one year

Prerequisite: Consent

Grade:  10, 11, 12

This is a class in which students can continue their interest in art either as a hobby or a career choice. Students will be given the opportunity to work independently in a number of areas within the fields of arts and crafts. Students will be able to investigate different aspects of commercial art as well as basic fundamentals of photography. A $15.00 fee will be required to cover the cost of materials needed for projects in class. This course may be taken for college credit. (Consent of instructor required.)


Elective one year

Prerequisite: Consent

Grade:  10, 11, 12

This class will plan and prepare the yearbook. Students will have regular photographic assignments. Students with heavy extracurricular activities should take their schedules into consideration. Those students wanting to learn photography and use if for a useful purpose are needed.



Elective one year

Prerequisite: Must  be currently in or have  had Algebra II

Grade: 10, 11, 12

The student will learn to use a structured design of computer programming. The C++ language will be used to solve problems in a wide range of applications. (Consent of the instructor required.)



Required one year

Prerequisite:  None

Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

Computer Applications I covers areas from basic Keyboarding through Spreadsheet application.  The first and second nine weeks will be spent learning Microsoft Word.  During the first 3-4 weeks students are introduced to the fundamentals of Keyboarding.  Students will then begin learning how to format reports, business letters and memorandums, tables, columns, and forms.  The third nine weeks will be spent learning Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point.  Students will learn how to enter and format data, cells, write formulas, use functions, make charts and graphs.  Students will also make slide presentations with clip art and animation.

The fourth nine weeks will be spent bringing it all together with a project.  Students will use Excel, Word and Power Point in this project.  Students may receive college credit for parts of this class.


Elective one year

Prerequisite:  Computer Applications I

Grades:  10, 11, 12

This is a vocational class designed to assess and extend Word Processing, Spreadsheet, and Data Base skills.  Students taking this class will need to be self starters and able to work on their own in a lab setting.  Students will be performing college level work and may receive college credit for this class.


Elective one year

Prerequisite:  Computer Applications I and consent

Grades:  10, 11, 12

The Business Lab will be an open lab class completely individualized.  Students will work on specific courses at their own pace; however, minimum standards must be met.  Possible course work could include (but not limited to) Intro to Business, Marketing, Networking, Computer Repair, and MOUS.  Instructors’ approval must be obtained prior to taking the class.


Elective one year

Prerequisite:  Computer Applications I

Grades:  10, 11, 12

Accounting is an introduction to the fundamental principles of double entry accounting.  The students will  have some exposure to computer application with supplement textbook assignments.  College credit available.


Elective one year

Prerequisite:  Accounting I

Grades:  11, 12

Students will expand their knowledge in the fundamental accounting skills and principles developed in the first year of accounting.  In addition, students will acquire new skills and principles in special areas of accounting.  The student will acquire skills for job-entry level of an accounting clerk.  College credit available.


Elective one year

Prerequisite:  Computer Applications II

Grades:  11, 12

Office Procedures includes a study of all phases of work that may concern an office secretary.  Students study the secretarial career, production of correspondence composing letters, filing methods, proper telephone techniques, and human relations.  Students will learn to operate a variety of office equipment and learn to complete projects with a variety of computer software and hardware.

Special Classes

760 Transition Room

Prerequisite: IEP

Student or Referral

Grade:  9, 10, 11, 12

The purpose of the resource room is to provide student’s with individual educational opportunities to meet their academic needs in reading, math, written language, and/or study skills.

821 Teacher Assistant

Elective one year

Prerequisite: Consent

Grades:  11, 12

Teacher’s assistants must have the approval of the counselor in order to register for this credit.  The following must be met:

·         The student must be on campus all day

·         The student will be responsible to their teacher and report to them each day.

·         A student may not be an assistant for more than one period per day.

·         No more than one assistant per teacher per day, except as approved by the principal.

831 Office/Library Assistant 

Elective one year

Prerequisite: Consent

Grades:  11, 12

To assist the office or library with all necessary tasks. Confidentiality is a prime request for working in the office; typing, filing, attendance recording, and running the various copiers are typical tasks.  These positions require students who are extremely dependable, have good attendance, and work well without direct supervision.


1. No Credit, 2. Consent by the Administrative Team required, 3. Student must be off the school grounds during the entire Work Release.


elective one year, Maximum of 1/2 credit per semester

Prerequisite: Consent

Grades: 11, 12

The student must have found employment in an area of the student’s career goal and cannot be enrolled as a teacher assistant in any area.  All students registered must take and pass the required courses on campus.  Remember:  your first priority is school work and assignments; work study comes second. This class will be assigned up to one credit per year on a pass/fail basis determined in coordination with the employer and school representative.

861 Independent CONTRACTS

Elective 1 Semester

Prerequisite: Consent

Grades:  11, 12

This program is designed for those, who for whatever reason, need to make up a course or for those who wish to take a course by correspondence for either high school or college credit that is not in the regular curricular offering.



201 Pre-Algebra

Selective one year

Prerequisite: by test

Grades:  9, 10, 11

Pre-algebra is designed as a bridge between arithmetic skill, algebra, and geometric concepts, with emphasis on problem solving, application and decision making skills. A general review of basic operation and application of math is included.

203 Algebra 1

Selective one year

Prerequisite: pre-algebra, or by test

Grades:  9, 10, 11, 12

The emphasis in this course is to learn algebra as an aid to solving everyday problems. This course begins by dealing with the four fundamental operations on real numbers and their use in the solution of simple equations and related problems. After this the students work with polynomials, factoring, and fractions leading to the solution of more complicated problems. As the year goes on, work is done with inequalities, functions, relations and systems of open sentences, extending the range of problems that can be solved.


206GEOMETRY A (9th graders only)

Elective one year

Prerequisite: Algebra I

Grades:  9, 10, 11, 12

Geometry is recommended for anyone successfully completing Algebra I, whether or not they intend to attend college. The course teaches Euclidean Geometry with special focus on logical reasoning and deductive proofs. In the course students will learn Geometric figures, their properties and stated formulas. Also included in that course are geometric constructions, coordinate geometry, and right angle trigonometry.


Elective one year

Prerequisite:  Geometry or Consent

Grades:  10, 11, 12

Algebra II is intended for all college bound students. This course provides a review of the concept units in irrational numbers concepts encountered in Algebra I, and includes more applications. It contains units in irrational numbers, complex numbers logarithms, and quadratic equations. Extensive work is done on algebraic and geometric concepts in the areas of exponent, simplifying expressions, and working with complex numbers and terms. Introductory work is provided in analytical geometry, trigonometry, and probability.  


Elective one year

Prerequisite: Algebra II

Grade:  11, 12

This course is intended for college bound students interested in math or science related fields. The course begins with a review of Algebra II techniques in problem solving. The next two nine weeks are used to master the trigonometric functions and skills needed to solve problems related to the study of triangles. The final portion of the course deals with sequence, series and fundamental probability.


Elective one year

Prerequisite: Pre-Calc. and Consent

Grade:  12

The course will include the study of finite and infinite sequence and series, basic elementary functions, limits and derivatives, and the application of derivatives and integration.


Technology Education


Elective one year

Prerequisite:  None

Grades:  9, 10, 11, 12



Elective one year

Prerequisite: Woods I

Grades:  10, 11, 12

604 WOODWORKING 3&4           

Elective one year

Prerequisite: Consent and Woods II

Grades:  11, 12


606 AG Construction

Elective one year

Prerequisite: None

Grades:   10, 11, 12

This is a class to introduce the basic techniques of the building trades (carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc.) You the student will be required to build a mini house together. Bath rooms, kitchens, etc. Decks, concrete, and bricks, plus Tuff  Shed for a final project.     

607 CADD I

Elective one year

Prerequisite: Consent

Grades:  10,11, 12

The student will learn to apply mechanical drawing concepts on the computer by using the AutoCAD program, one of the most sophisticated programs available today. Students will learn the use of the computer, the plotter, and the printer. This will be an independent class with a maximum enrollment of five students per period.


Elective one year

Prerequisite: Consent

Grades:  11, 12

This class will continue by increasing the student’s knowledge into the capabilities of the CADD system. This is an independent class.


Elective one year

Prerequisite: Consent

Grades:  11, 12

Students will learn to apply architectural concepts on the computer using AutoCAD’s AME software. This class is an independent class.


Elective one year

Prerequisite: Consent

Grades:  12

Students will be assigned major drawing problems, both architectural and mechanical that will be solved on the computer.


Ag Science and Technology

For students to get the full experience of an Agricultural Science and Technology program it is vital that they are involved in three integral parts; classroom learning, SAE, and FFA.  Based on their interests and career goals, students should choose their SAE and FFA activities with guidance from their parents and AST instructor. The AST program is a year round educational concept.

All students involved in the Ag science and technology program will be required to participate in classroom instruction, FFA, as well as have an SAE project.



Elective one year

Prerequisite: None

Grades: 9, 10

This course is developed to give students a brief overview of several agricultural topics. Each topic will be covered in a short unit. Units will range from 3-6 weeks in length. This allows students to grasp what they might be interested in the broad range of topics that are offered in an agricultural program. Topics that will be covered throughout the year are; leadership, FFA, SAE, horticulture, natural resources, animal science, public speaking, parliamentary procedure, scientific process, computer application in agriculture, welding, wood shop, and small engines trouble shooting.


642 Agrici;tire II

Elective one year

Prerequisite: Ag I, or Instructor approval

Grades:  10, 11, 12

This course is the second class in the four class sequence. This class is developed to help students build on the knowledge and skills they have obtained in Ag I. The structure of the class will be similar to the Introduction class, however concepts and skills will be taught at a higher level. Topics that will be covered in this class; leadership, plant science, animal science, livestock judging, public speaking, parliamentary procedure, scientific process, computer applications in agriculture, metals project, woods project.

643 Agriculture III

Elective one year

Prerequisite: Ag. I, Ag. 2

Grades:  11, 12

This course is the third course in the four class sequence. This class will take a detailed look at the different aspects of the agricultural industry. We will go into depth in areas such as crop production, animal production, natural resources, wildlife management, and careers in agriculture. Several weeks will be spent on learning the business aspect of agriculture. We will continue to build on the skills of public speaking, metals, and woods.


645 Agriculture IV

Advanced fabrication and agricultural careers

Elective one year

Prerequisite: Ag 3, or Instructor approval

Grades: 11, 12

This is the final course in the four class sequence. This class will focus on developing leadership skills as well as prepare seniors for the work force or higher education. Students in this class need to be self motivated as much of this class will be self-directed. This class will utilize skills and knowledge learned in the pervious three class to help students complete a series of projects. 




P.E - Weights - Health

501 PE I &II

Required one year

Prerequisite: None

Grades:  9, 10

Physical education fulfills the needs of students through various forms of activity that helps develop physical fitness, sports awareness, and provides the groundwork for post graduation leisure time recreation.

503 Lifetime Activities

Elective one year

Prerequisite: PE of C or better.

Grade:  11, 12

This course offers various forms of physical activities at a more advanced level. Activities may include swimming, badminton, field hockey, bowling, golf, and cycling. Limited to 20 students as there will be a need to travel off campus at times.


Required one year

Prerequisite: None

Grade 10

This course will cover a wide range of subjects of importance in today’s society including a discussion of personal, physical, and mental well being. The main topics in the course are nutrition, eating disorders, body function and system, pollution; mental health, first aid and safety, CPR training, dental health, drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse, and STD (HIV/AIDS) education.


Elective one year

Prerequisite: PE I

Grade: 10, 11, 12

A class designed to give the student an opportunity to develop strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, cardio-vascular endurance, and speed through weight lifting and other types of body conditioning. Grades will be based on participation, effort, improvement, and performance standards. A sport-specific weights class may be available.



Elective one year

Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor for 9th Graders

Grade: 10, 11, 12

This course is designed to introduce the student to the fundamentals of foreign language study. She/he will learn to understand, speak, read and write simple ideas in Spanish. The student will learn to communicate orally using a basic Spanish vocabulary. Subject mater will introduce the student to Spanish-speaking countries and their people and customs. Required for admission into all Oregon State Colleges or Universities. This course may be taken for college credit.




Elective one year

Prerequisite: Consent/Spanish I

Grade: 10, 11, 12

The student will build on the skills acquired in the first year, expanding vocabulary and grammar concepts through reading, composition, and conversation. This is a continuation class that adds more grammar, new vocabulary, and sentence structure to what was previously learn. It is a required class for admission into all Oregon State colleges or Universities. This course may be taken for college credit.

754 SPANISH III                

Elective one year

Prerequisite: Consent/Spanish II

Grade: 11, 12

A continuation of Spanish II. The student will work on sentence structure through reading and writing, with emphasis on speaking. Students will work on listening-reading comprehension, writing and communication skills in Spanish. The purpose of this class is to acquire higher levels of proficiency, focusing on more complex sentence structure and an ample vocabulary.

Social Studies


Required one year

Prerequisite: None

Grade: 10

Global Studies explores the world through examinations of case studies: what do other peoples’ lives share in common with ours? How do they differ? Peoples’ stories from around the world will highlight hopes and fears, dreams and dreads. We’ll study South Africa, Vietnam, the Middle East, and the former Soviet Union as well as “hot spots” around the world.  Geography will also be studied in context.  Additionally, we’ll be exploring different cultures through research, art, food, dance, and personal stories shared by community members. This is a highly interactive class with discussion, debate, and simulations. Students will be graded on both written and oral criteria (position papers, briefs, response papers, debates, speeches, discussion, simulations).   A CIM research paper will be graded.


Required one year

Prerequisite: None

Grade: 11

U.S. history focuses on dominant themes and patterns shaping United States actions.   Students will make connections between the past and the present, as well as formulate hypotheses of future events and policies. Through class discussions, lectures, simulations, diverse readings, and interaction with technology, students will develop the ability to think critically and reflectively.




 Elective one year

 Prerequisite:  Consent of instructor

 Grades:  11 (replaces US History);  12 (elective)

This course is designed to give the interested student an    opportunity to do college-level work while in high school.     The emphasis is a comprehensive and interpretive study of   United States history from Colonial days to the present. 

Independent study is crucial to master 45-50 pages of reading per week.  Activities include lecture, discussion, essay writing, document analysis, two thesis papers, and a special project.  Upon completion of the course, students will effectively use reason and evidence to evaluate historical and contemporary issues.


Required one year

Prerequisite:  Global Studies

Grade: 12

This class takes a political look at government. We will focus on the philosophies and uses of power, their applications through case studies, and citizen action. To these ends, we’ll study and debate the US Constitution, examine current issues, explore political parties, interview community members and  officials, and analyze our American political system, nationally and locally. Case studies will be used to illustrate how our democracy works. Civic commitment will be emphasized through interviews, research, and projects.

At least three non-fiction books will be read in addition to other primary source readings.




Required one year

Prerequisite: None

Grade: 12

 This course is designed to give students the big picture of economic principals, while preparing them for living in a world in which they work, buy, sell and actively participate as citizens who make choices. The class does this by stressing critical-thinking and problem solving skills. Students need to make economic decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives.



Elective one year

Prerequisite: Elected to ASB office or advisor approval

Grade:  11,12  

In Leadership, students will understand the process of government, representation of the student body, spirit, and the unification of students.  Leadership will focus on organization of student body activities including:  Homecoming, American Red Cross Blood Drive, Canned Food Drive, community service activities, and elections.  The students will also attend the OASC fall conference in November. 




Selective one year

Prerequisite: None

Grade: 9               

Students receive instruction in basic science skills such as measurement, graphing, experimental design, finding and citing information, and writing skills. Students use these skills to complete an independent lab project and library research paper on topics of their own choosing. The course includes units on basic physical science concepts, such as atomic structure, chemical bonding, motion, and energy. Students also have the opportunity to collectively study other areas of science in which the students express interest.   Students who have successfully completed Physical Science may not enroll in General Science.


Selective one year

Prerequisite: Concurrent registration in Algebra I or higher, or the consent of the instructor

Grade: 9

Physical science is a course that deals with the study of matter and energy. The first semester is spent studying matter and the interaction of matter, including atomic theory, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, acids and bases and nuclear reactions. Students also complete a library research paper on a physical science topic of their choice. The second semester involves studying energy and related concepts such as motion, gravity, light, sound, and electricity. Students also complete an independent lab project on a physical science topic of their choice. The research paper and project that Physical Science  A classes  are required to complete are expected to be done in much greater depth and detail than those of Physical Science students.


        BIOLOGY A

Selective one year

Prerequisite:  Physical Science or consent

Grade: 10

A course in basic biology involving the study of cells, classification, a survey of the six kingdoms of organisms, the process of natural selection, general genetics, and ecological principals. There is an emphasis on laboratory activity.  Students also complete an independent lab project on a biology topic of their choice. The research  project that Biology A classes are required to complete are expected to be done in much greater depth and detail than those of Biology students.

110 ADVANCED BIOLOGY I/II                                  Elective one year                               Prerequisite:General Biology

Grades: 11,12

An advanced course in Biology for those particularly interested in the field or who are college bound.  Course content alternates from year to year and may be taken twice.  One year emphasizes evolution, a study of the diversity of living things, .  The emphasis in the alternate year is on cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, and human biology.  Students complete a number of inquiry labs that involve library research, experimental design, data collection and presentation, and analysis and interpretation.  An in-depth research project is required.  This course is reading intensive, and may be taken for college credit.


Elective one year

Prerequisite: Phys. Sci.,  Taking/ have taken Algebra II

Grades: 11, 12

Chemistry is the study of composition, properties, and the behavior of matter. The course includes in-depth study of atomic theory, bonding and chemical reactions, stoichiometry, kinetic theory, solutions, energy and acid/base theory. Students will use knowledge and skills in experimental design, library research, data presentations and analysis to complete various lab projects. An in-depth research project is required.


Elective one year

Prerequisite: General Chemistry

Grades: 11, 12

This course is designed to be the equivalent to a first year

college general chemistry course. It will include physical

chemistry, nuclear chemistry, organic chemistry, and

biochemistry. A 90 min lab component, every other Friday

is required. LAB IS NOT OPTIONAL. Students will be

preparing to take the AP chemistry test at the end of the









Selective one year

Prerequisite: General Science

Grades: 10

Students complete a project of some kind each quarter: a research project, a research paper, and/or a presentation on science topic of their choice.  The remainder of each quarter students watch NOVA programs and do activities related to the various science topics addressed in those programs.   This course may be repeated for credit.


Elective one year

Prerequisite: Taking/ have taken Pre-Calculas

Grade: 11, 12

Physics is a course that is concerned with the various relationships between matter and energy. Topics of study include the Gas Laws, the Atom, Nuclear Physics, Measurement and Calculations, Force and Motion, Universal Gravitation, Momentum, Work/Energy/Simple Machines, Heat, and States of Matter. Students do laboratory work individually or in a small group setting

114 Conservation

Elective one year



A course that incorporates an understanding of basic ecological principles, applying them to the range, forestry, fish and wildlife management, with a focus on Grant County.  Various natural resource issues are investigated.  This course is reading and writing intensive.



















 College Credit Classes offered at Grant Union High School

Note: the following is a list of college-level classes available to students at Grant Union High School during the course of their regular school curriculum. These college credit opportunities are offered to high achieving students who have met specific instructor criteria. Credits are available at less than half the cost of regular tuition rates. To register, see course instructor or call the Grant County Center, 575-2168 (EOU) or 575-1550 (BMCC)


Name of GUHS Course: Speech 111

Name of BMCC Course: Speech 111

Instructor: Mike Cosgrove

Cost: $30 + textbook

Credit: 3

This is the basic communication class required by many college programs. The class will combine the use of the internet, textbook, and speech presentations to groups.


Name of GUHS course: Advanced Biology I and Advanced Biology II

Name of BMCC Course: Biology 101

Instructor: Randy Hennen

Cost: $40

Credits: 4

Two separate courses totaling one full term of college level Biology. Integrated study of biology, including a discussion of the nature of science, evolution, cell biology, genetics, physiology and ecology of plants and animals including man. These courses will be offered for advanced biology students who have successfully completed two years of advanced biology at Grant Union H.S. Upon meeting criteria set by the instructor, students will be invited to register for college credit.


Name of GUHS Course:  Computer Applications I

Name of EOU Course:  BA 114 Microcomputer Topics: Word Processing, BA 114  Microcomputer Topics: Spreadsheets, BA 114 Microcomputer Topics: Database

Instructor:  Guy Johnson

Cost:  $40 per credit

Credits:  1, 1, 1

Three separate courses.  Courses present instruction in Microsoft Word, a word processing program used to write memos, letters and reports;  Microsoft Excel, for financial modeling, budgeting, and other “what if” analyses, and Microsoft Access, to store and retrieve database information.  Students may register for any one, two, or all three upon completion of curriculum and at the invitation of the instructor.


Name of GUHS Course:  Computer Applications II

Name of EOU Course:  BA 131 Business Data Processing or BA 114 Microcomputer Topics

Instructor:  Guy Johnson

Cost:  $120

Credits:  3

 Students will be required to demonstrate competence in word processing and database analysis in the course.  This course is also an introduction to the hardware and software components of computer systems.  Study will include operating systems and a significant introduction to spreadsheet operation. Upon meeting criteria set by the instructor, students will be invited to register for college credit.


Name of GUHS Course:  Accounting I

Name of Eastern Course:  BA 211 Financial Accounting

Instructor:  Guy Johnson

Cost:  $160

Credits:  4

Students will be introduced to basic accounting principles and double entry accounting.  Upon meeting criteria set by the instructor, student will be invited to register for college credit.



NOTE: In addition to college credit in the classroom, students may register for lower division delivered at a distance via independent Study/Video, WWW, or computer conferencing from Eastern Oregon University or Blue Mountain Community College. These courses may be used to supplement regular high school curriculum or to get a head start on college. Course covers a wide range of subject areas such as Psychology, Anthropology, Geology, Philosophy, Business, Geography, Math, French, Political Science, Etc. For a complete list of available courses see the high school counselor or Center directors.