Grant Union High School




March 16, 2020


ReminderTo pay your school fees, and lunch bills in the office with Mrs. Wright

Grant Union Staff and Students-As you may have already heard, Governor Kate Brown has announced a Statewide School Closure starting Monday, March 16th through March 31st.  As such, we will have a school wide assembly in the New Gym today at 3:00 to go over information on the plan moving forward.

Student Body Cards are in the office. They need to be paid for ASAP. Students will be required to produce cards for home events.   You will have to pay to get into home events if you do not have your Student Body card.

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument will sponsor an eight-week long program of Youth Conservation Corps. (YCC) program for this coming summer 2020. Youth ages 15 to 18 may apply for the program. The summer program will go from June 15th 2020 to August 11th 2020. This is a full time employment for the summer working 40 hrs, 5 days a week. Monday through Friday. Applications are available in the Office.

Remember..NO Food in the hallways.