Grant Union High School




May 21, 2019



Reminder:  To pay your school fees, and lunch bills in the office with Mrs. Wright

May 24th is the last day of Friday Academy.  All detentions must be served prior to the end of the year. If you canít make it on May 24th, you must make arrangements with Ms. Moore.


Student Body cards are in the office to be picked up if you have paid your fees come pick them up.  If you haven't paid your fees you will need to pay them before you get your card.  From now on students will be charged a fee to get into sporting events without their student body card.


Are you missing something?  Check to Dixie Dumpster Lost and Found in the School Store.  Items from the Dixie Dumpster have been washed and put out on tables.  Students may check before school, during lunch and after school when the school store is open.