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OPEN Jan 1-CLOSED June 30

Almost Everybody!

Oregon Opportunity Grant (FAFSA is your application for this grant) Opens October 1st Need based
GET EDUCATED!! Fall-Aug 1/Winter-Nov 1 Young people currently or formerly in foster care (deadline depends on school term)
School Soup (college, scholarship search engine)   General Information on scholarships/ colleges, etc
The Christian Connector   General Information on scholarships / private colleges
The Alert Scholarship open until further notice :) 2.5 GPA; 650-800 essay, NO application! Need photo
Chafee Education & Training Grant See  Application Currently be in Foster Care or Had been in foster care for at least 180 days (six months)  after your 14th birthday and exited substitute care at age 16 or older
CGTrader December 14, 2018 Various essays on how innovative technologies are transforming our lives
Peanut Butter and Jelly Scholarship December 20, 2018 2-4 year college/university, 1.5-3.5 GPA $500-$1000
Oregon Association Chiefs of  Police December 31, 2018 2.5 GPA; Plan to enter Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice; 36 College Credit Hours or logged 240 hrs. of service as a cadet or reserve police officer
LGBTQ Scholarship  January 12, 2019 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, queer, and straight ally student leaders in the Northwest
Healthcare Leaders Scholarship January 29, 2019 3.0 GPA; Entering or Currently Pursuing Nursing/Medical; Essay
The Mortgage Reports Scholarship January 29, 2019 Pursuing a Career in a Business or Finance Field; 3.0 GPA; Essay
Oregon FFA Scholarship January 31, 2019 U Citizen; 2.8 GPA; Current or Former FFA Member
Oregon ABPA Harrington/Arthur Memorial Scholarship January 31, 2019 Essay: 700-1200 words. $1,500 Explain backflow prevention, why it is important in protecting potable water supplies, hazards that could be a threat to drinking water, types of backflow prevention to protect against them.
HMCC Scholarship January 31, 2019 US Citizen; Hispanic Ancestry; 3.0 GPA; Enroll in a College
EOU Mathematics Scholarship February 01, 2019 Pursuing a teaching career in Mathematics; 3.25 GPA; accepted to EOU
ESA Foundation Scholarships  February 01, 2019 Apply for up to 3 scholarships--$5 per application--submit to STATE counselor--read directions carefully!
Eastern Oregon University Foundation Scholarships February 01, 2019 Applying at EOU; Several scholarships-One application
EOU Advancing Science and Technology Scholarship February 01, 2019 US Citizen; Major in Science/Math; SAT math score 550+ or ACT 25+
The Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship February 04, 2019 Students from addicted homes; Essay
Oregon Music Hall of Fame Scholarship February 14, 2019 US Citizen; Resident of Oregon
Tom Pitzer Maintenance Scholarship February 28, 2019 3.0 GPA; Aviation maintenance degree; attending approved FAA Oregon school
Kevin Kyle Mosley Private Pilot Scholarship February 28, 2019 Passion for aviation to obtain private pilot license
The Seneca Scholarship February 1, 2019 early bird, March 1 application due Essay; All high school students no matter GPA, SAT or financial need. Judged on essay that best shows understanding of theme question of forest management.
Oregon 4H State & County Scholarships (several to choose from) February 14, 2019 to Local Office/March 1 to State Office 4H Involvement with Leadership Activities
The Ford Family Scholarship Early Bird Deadline Feb. 15, Final Deadline March 1, 2019 Oregon Student Assistant Commission application (OSAC); Need based
Oregon Student Assistant Commission Application (OSAC) Early Bird Deadline: February 15, 2018--Final Deadline: March 1, 201895:00 pm Workbook & Timeline ; Activities Chart template on line; START EARLY!
OASSA Youth Scholarship March 01, 2019 Dependent of OASSA member; Community Service
COSA Youth Development Program Scholarships March 01, 2019 3.5 GPA; Active in Community & School activities; Attending Oregon school
OSCA - Linda C. Eby Scholarship March 01, 2019 HS Senior Pursing Secondary Education; Essay
Oregon Community Quarterback Scholarship March 01, 2019 Attend an Oregon College/Trade School; Proof of Community Involvement
Oregon State Fraternal Order of Eagles Scholarship March 01, 2019 Academic; Need; Extracurricular Activities
CLEAR Alliance Scholarship March 03, 2019 Drug & Alcohol free, 1-2 pg essay why chose to be drug/alcohol free & reasons substance abuse and impaired driving education is important. $200
Greenfield Peace Writing Scholarship March 04, 2019 11th or 12th Grade; Answer a Question; Max. 600 words
Oregon School Facilities Management Assn. Scholarship March 09, 2019 2.75 GPA; Leadership, Achievements, Community Service; Specific majors
AFA Leader & Academic Scholarship March 13, 2019 Graduating HS Seniors; Pursue Bachelor's in Ag program
Associated Oregon Loggers Scholarship April 1, 2019 Oregon High School Senior or Current College Student Planning to attend a four-year College or University and a career in a forest resource field of study
Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program June 14, 2019 Essay on the topic that appears on the scholarship page
AFT - Oregon Scholarships January 31, 2018 Scholarships for Students of  Classified Members of School Districts
Better Business Bureau Students of Integrity Scholarship February 13, 2018 Class of  2015; 3.5 GPA
Chinese American Citizens Alliance Essay Contest February 24, 2014 Essay: Oregon High School Student
Bob Hasson Memorial Scholarship (ORCA) March 01, 2018 Essay on "Credit in the 21st Century"
Oregon Nurseries Foundation Scholarship March 01, 2018 Pursuing a Horticulture or related career
Storm King 14 Memorial Edowed Scholarship March 01, 2018 Immediate Family Member or Child of a Member of a Fallen Firefighter; Email to request guidelines & Scholarship Application
EOU Universtiy Art Scholarship March 03, 2017 Applying at EOU: Art Students
The LaVelle Mullennex Memorial Scholarship March 17, 2017 Pursuing career as Legal Support Staff (not attorney), Need; Merit
Far West Agribusiness Association Scholarship Not Available 2019 Pursuing Agricultural Degree
Oregon Farm Bureau Memorial Scholarship March 15, 2018 2 Scholarships; Attend Junior College, or a four year college; Study in Agriculture related major
Cascades East AHEC Nursing Scholarship March 22, 2018 2.5 GPA; Entering nursing program
St. Charles Health System Scholarship/ Cascade E. AHEC Health Ed primary care or health care scholarship March 22, 2018 Resident of central or SE Oregon for 4 yrs, Planning to practice as a nurse, primary care provider, or in a health care occupation in Central or SE ORegon
Oregon Friends of the NRA March 30, 2018 Min 3.0: 1st-3rd $4k, 4th-9th $2k, 10th-15th $1k. Local from Union OR
Oregon PTA Scholarship March 30, 2018 Merit/ Pursuing a Teaching Degree at an Oregon public college/university
Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity Scholarship (OSU) March 31, 2014 Scholarship, Leadership, Service
Community Counseling Solutions Scholarship March 31, 2018 Senior; 2.75 GPA; Pursuing Psychology, Social Work or Nursing
Oregon State Elks Vocational Scholarship April 1, 2013 Pursuing a 2 year degree in specific vocational field
American Legion Auxiliary Department of Oregon Scholarship April 08, 2018 Child of Disabled or Deceased Veteran; (see Mrs. Wright/Shelley for app.)
American Legion Auxiliary Nurses Scholarship April 08, 2018 Nursing field; dependent of disabled or deceased Veteran(see Mrs. Wright for app)
Oregon State Bar Persuasive Essay Contest April 09, 2018 All high school students: Essay on First Amendment Case Law
Tiffany Wang Arts Scholarship April 11, 2017 3.0 GPA: 1/4 Chinese; Plans to Attend a Summer Art Program
Fred G. Lee Memorial Scholarship April 11, 2018 Chinese descent; Scholarship; Leadership; Service; Need
OASBO Scholarship Program April 13, 2018 3.0 overall GPA; Oregon resident 1 yr.; Major w/school business management
Sister Adele Memorial Scholarship April 13, 2018 Must Enroll during 2014-15 4 yr. college; Farmworker Household
Oregon Federation of Women's Clubs (OWFC) April 14, 2018 Music, Art & Essay Scholarships
Oregon Jaycee Foundation April 18, 2018 3.7 GPA; Academic Excellence; Community Service
Oregon Hunters Association Scholarship April 27, 2016 OHA Member; 2.5 GPA; Pursuing degree at Accredited College
Pointe Pest Control April 29, 2018 HS Senior or College Freshman; 3.0 GPA
"Brace Face" Scholarship May 01, 2018 2.5 GPA; Patient of Dr. Martinez; Treated w/ Braces or Invisalign
Oregon Association of Broadcasters May 1, 2015 3.25 GPA; Financial Need; Broadcasting or News Career
Elks Legacy Award May 01, 2018 Must Submit to Local Elk's Lodge/ Child/Grandchild of Living Elk; Apply Online
AOPA Flight Training Scholarship May 02, 2018 16 years of age; Student Pilot Certificate
Portland Trailblazers Scholarship March 04, 2016 HS Seniors; 3.00 GPA; Oregon Resident
Oregon Scottish Rite Education Foundation May 15, 2018 Oregon Resident; Undergraduate @ an accredited college, university or trade school
Oregon Scottish Rite Education Foundation May 15, 2018 Oregon Resident; Undergraduate @ an accredited college, university or trade school
OSU Multi-Cultural Program May 18, 2018 Four year scholarship $6,500/yr, plus internship support to minority and first generation undergraduate students interested in agriculture, natural resources, food and nutrition, and life sciences.
B. DAVIS SCHOLARSHIP May 22, 2018 Available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any post secondary institution.
Saidie Orr Dunbar Nursing Education Fund May 31, 2018 Accepted into Nursing Degree Program; Practice in Oregon upon graduation
Oregon Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship May 15, 2017 3.3 GPA; Athletic Accomplishment; Community Involvement
Racine Olson Injury Scholarship May 31, 2017 3.5GPA; proof parent was involved in personal injury accident; Essay
Hornbuckle Law Scholarship May 31, 2017 3.5 GPA; Oregon H S Senior; 4 yr. College or 2 yr. Community College
Racine Olson Injury Scholarship May 31, 2016 500 word Essay; 3.5 GPA;
Acacia Fraternity Scholarship June 01, 2017 Attending OSU Fall 2017; Excelled in academics, leadership & community service
OSU The Balanced Man Scholarship June 09, 2017 Incoming first year male student; Academic, Leadership & Community Service
Oregon Federation of the Blind Scholarship June 30, 2018 Academic Excellence; Community Service; Need
The Aspiring Nurse Scholarship June 30, 2017 Good Academic Standing; 500 Word Essay
College Sports Scholarships July 01, 2018 Essay; Current of former student athlete who will be attending college
Khan Law Firm Scholarship August 01, 2017 3.0 GPA; Essay; Currently enrolled or accepted to a University in the USA
Stand for Children, Beat the Odds Scholarship Sept. 11, 2018 2015 Graduate; 3.0 GPA; overcame hardship; need
Women in Transportation Scholarship Oct. 18, 2017 All women; 3.0 GPA or Higher; Plans to pursue career in transportation related field
US Bank Internet Scholarship Oct. 27, 2017 US Citizen; random winners
Horatio Alger State Scholarship Oct. 25, 2018 US Citizen; 2.0 GPA; Critical Financial Need (Let Ms. Sasser know if you're applying for this as there are reference/certification forms to be completed online)
Horatio Alger Career & Technical Scholarship October, 25, 2018 Financial Need; Pursue & complete a career or technical program; demonstrate perseverance in overcoming adversity.
Emergency Educational Grant Oct. 31, 2018 College-aged children of deceased or totally disabled Vet; Apply Online

OR/WA Power Line Clearance & Tree Trimming

Journeyman/Apprenticeships available